• Desktop Motherboard

    INTEL 865GV - 478 CPU & DDR1 RAM MATX
    INTEL 945G - 478 CPU & DDR2 RAM MATX
    INTEL 965 - 775 CPU & DDR2 RAM MATX
    INTEL G41 - 775 CPU & DDR3 RAM MATX
  • Hard Disk Drive

    80GB IDE 3.5" Desktop, 7200 RPM
    160GB SATA 3.5" Desktop, 7200 RPM
    250GB SATA 3.5" Desktop, 5400 RPM
  • Security Products

    IR Dome Camera: 1/3" SONY CCD,520TVL 24 LED 3.6 MM
    C-Mount Camera: 1/3" SONY CCD,520TVL 3.6 MM
    All Weather Camera: 1/3" SONY CCD,520TVL 48 LED 3.6 MM
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Millennium Online India Ltd.

Established in 2000, MILLENNIUM ONLINE ( I ) Ltd. is one of the leading importer and distributor of, Add on Cards, Motherboards and USB products promoting the product In the brand name of Millennium Technology. We specialize in offering state-of-the-art technology and quality support service for system integrators, distributors and OEM/ODM customers across the country.

Here at Millennium Technology, we are committed to delivering excellent quality products and services that meet with international standards.

Because no two businesses are alike, we place high priority on understanding customers' business-specific needs. We see each individual customer as a long-term business partner and with our industry leading expertise and close relationship with technology suppliers, we are able to provide them tailored solutions and continued technological innovation that meet with the ever-changing market demands. We strive to offer our customers on-going assistance and proactive technical support for tackling future challenges in the industry.

Millennium Technology specializes in the procurement of quality PC-related products . We, along with our strategic vendors, are committed to responding proactively to market demands, delivering quality products, personalized customer service and excellent technical support for the best interest of our distributors, OEM customers and trading partners.

Here at Millennium Technology, we dare to be different and we dare to offer more. We see each individual customer as a long-term business partner, and we are dedicated to building strong, trusting and lasting relationships with our customers. Our Nationwide channel partnership offers competitive advantages to our customer through tailored marketing programs, comprehensive product range and exclusive OEM/ODM service. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we put together all the best-in-class elements towards a successful and tailored solution for each individual customer, consolidating a long-lasting partnership with clients. Let us be your strategic alliance towards your success, talk to us today.