PCIE to 2 Ports SATA 3.0 CARD 1,250.00
PCI Express 5.1 Sound Card 1,060.00

PCIE to 4 Ports SATA 3.0 CARD


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Product Interface: PCI-EX1 (compatible with X4, X8, X16/ graphics card interface)

Number of interfaces: SATA3.0 interface X4

Supports expansion of dual port SATA SSD/HDD.

Supports 6.0Gbps, 3.0Gbps and 1.5Gbps communication speed.(SATA I, SATA II, SATA III)

Support Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3

Supports AHCI1.0 mode and IDE mode.

Supports port multiplier switch or command switch based FIS.

Plug and Play, no driver installation required in most system.

System: Support for Windows XP/2003/ Vista/win7/in8/win10 (32/64bit) operating system.


  1. With large heat sink, heat dissipation is better.
  2. The design of the rear four ports is more convenient to wire.
  3. Rear four port design, suitable for all kinds of chassis.
  4. The design of the tail edge, and the probability of blocking the card player is smaller.
  5. The four layer circuit board, with the addition of isolation layer in the middle, has stronger anti-interference capability.

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PCIE to 4 Ports SATA 3.0 CARD



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